Thursday, July 13, 2017

Take Home the Beauty of Leelanau County--or Send It to a Friend

coloring book
Artist Kristin Hurlin of Glen Arbor is my bookstore feature today. Whether you like to spend your nonreading vacation hours doing puzzles, relaxing with a beautiful adult coloring book, or writing notes to friends, Kristin Hurlin has you covered. Her card assortments come in packs of 8 cards for $20. The coloring book, “A Beautiful Place,” retails for $18. And the two 500-piece puzzles, one of North Bar Lake, the other showing species diversity, measure 16” x 20” when completed and are priced at $15. I’m delighted to be able to offer Kristin’s work at Dog Ears Books.


jigsaw puzzle

jigsaw puzzle

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Two Famous American Naturalists

Henry David Thoreau lived from 1817 to 1862. The Boatman: Henry David Thoreau’s River Years covers the period of his life following the publication of Walden, when Thoreau found himself more and more drawn to Concord’s three rivers (Sudbury, Assabet, & Concord), “the only wild and unfenced part of the world hereabouts,” as he wrote, explaining his preference for river scenery.

John James Audubon: The Nature of the American Woodsman follows Audubon (1785 -1851) throughout his life--down rivers American rivers, into the woods, and to cities in the United States and Europe—as he pursued his art and science along with woodsman survival skills. Note: The author of this book, Gregory Nobles, will make a presentation at Dog Ears Books on Thursday, August 3, at 7 p.m.

The Boatman: Henry David Thoreau’s River Years
by Robert M. Thorson
Hardcover, 315pp w/ notes, references, index

John James Audubon: The Nature of the American Woodsman
by Gregory Nobles
Hardcover, 330pp w/ notes & index

Friday, July 7, 2017

It’s Worth Saying, So Say It Twice

Today’s good news: more notecards from Minnie Wabanimkee! The new cards say Thank You; Happy Birthday; and You Are In My Thoughts – in both English and Anishnaabemowin.

Cards are available as singles ($4 each) or as assortments, 2 each of the 3 different designs ($18).

Also still available at the same prices are Minnie’s traditional photo cards.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Humans and Trees

How closely are we related? A new collection of original nonfiction edited by Josh MacIvor-Andersen of Marquette, Michigan, presents a variety of perspectives answering the question, but the answers are only the beginning. As the editor writes in his foreword,
Although trees show up in each essay, they are often merely the portals for deeper human dramas, the shadowy branches framing tales of love and life, death and discovery, longing, and learning.
Now, in Michigan summer, our trees are green with leaves, their shade welcome on sunny days. Now is the time to take half an hour in a hammock or chaise longue to lose yourself in beautiful writing from our beautiful sister peninsula to the north.

Rooted: The Best New Arboreal Nonfiction
Introduction by Bill McKibben
Edited by Josh MacIvor-Andersen
San Francisco: Outpost19, paper, 290pp

Thursday, June 29, 2017

New Series from Up North’s Own Elizabeth Buzzelli

You loved her DEAD series (set in northern Michigan), and you laughed your way through the NUT HOUSE murders (set in Riverville, Texas, and published under her pen name, Elizabeth Lee). Now Elizabeth Kane Buzzelli has a new series bound to prove irresistible to booklovers. With the LITTLE LIBRARY mysteries, we are back on home (Michigan) ground again.

A Most Curious Murder introduces us to Jenny Weston, Zoe Zola, Adam Crane, and a whole cast of intriguing characters in Bear Falls, Michigan, and in the second novel, She Stopped for Death, we come back to Bear Falls for another quirky tale. Summer vacation is the perfect time for mysteries, and now is the perfect time to begin collecting this new series by Elizabeth Buzzelli and anticipating Book Number Three. What will she think up next?!

A Most Curious Murder &
She Stopped for Death
by Elizabeth Kane Buzzelli
Hardcover, $25.99 

The first book is also available in paperback, but I need to restock!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

When You Cross That Bridge

When Leelanau County residents “go Up North” in their home state, they're usually headed for the Upper Peninsula. If you’ve never crossed the Mackinac Bridge, that alone is worth a trip, but it’s only the beginning. I love the title 100 Things to Do in the Upper Peninsula Before You Die, because I always think that’s the best time to do things, don’t you? I’m also very happy to report that Snowbound Books in Marquette made the shopping section of Kath Usitalo’s new book.

100 Things to Do in the Upper Peninsula Before You Die
by Kath Usitalo
Paperback, 146pp, illus., index

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

It Isn't Even a Book!

"Farmageddon: The Unseen War on American Family Farms" is a documentary film, the story of small family farms practicing organic, sustainable agriculture who were forced to "cease and desist" by government agents -- yes, in the United States -- sometimes at gunpoint. The beginning of "Get Big or Get Out" began with Earl Butz in the 1970s, but "Farmageddon" highlights much more than the economic pressure of markets and government policies. You don't need to be a farmer to find this film compelling and riveting. You're an American, and you buy and eat food. You should hear and see this story.

"Farmageddon: The Unseen War on American Family Farms"
2011/90 minutes, $24.95