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Monday, June 21, 2021

Listening to books....

Remember my recent announcement about how you can order your audio books through and support Dog Ears Books at the same time? Here is more information on that option: 

If you regularly download audible books, please take a look at and select Dog Ears Books as your bookstore!

And/or, if you can, stop by the bookstore in person and cruise our new book selections, as well as the always-changing used book areas. 

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Bookish News from Northport, Michigan

Not literally "bricks & motor," but a real physical bookstore on Waukazoo St.

Although we began with nothing but used books (very good ones!) back in 1993, Dog Ears Books has also carried new books for many of our nearly 28 years of business. We added credit card capability (at last!) in June of 2019 (that has been working out well), and this year is seeing another innovative upgrade to our bookselling ways. Ta-da! Now those of you who are fans of audio books can order them through our virtual audio bookstore at Go to the site, create your account, and “Find your bookstore” (under "Get to know us") to find Dog Ears Books. You won’t pay extra to get your audio books there, but Dog Ears will get a fraction of what you pay for each download, so you can support us from wherever you are. Whether your eyes have trouble reading print these days or tire easily, your hands aren’t as comfortable holding books as they used to be, or you simply enjoy listening to stories while commuting to work, I hope you will take advantage of this win-win for both of us soon and often. And let me know what you think of it, too, please. 

As for new print books in the shop, I am happy to report that we have restocked The Lake Michigan Rock Picker’s Guide, by Kevin Sauvage; Kathleen Stocking’s In the Place of the Gathering Light; Emita Hill’s Northern Harvest, and Karen Trolenberg’s Flight of Megizzewas (signed). I even have a few signed copies of Sarah Shoemaker’s Mr. Rochester, hardcover and paperback.


We are also happy to have on hand the new (and long-awaited) Ray Elkins mystery from Aaron Stander, Destination Wedding, as well as The Museum of Everything, a new picture-storybook from local Newbery author Lynne Rae Perkins. We have multiple copies (and expect to have to order more throughout the season) of Fire Keeper’s Daughter, by Angeline Boulley, a YA novel of Ojibwe heritage set in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. And so much more, and it’s going to keep happening all summer.