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Friday, October 14, 2016

Retirement? What a Concept!

I just received copies of Bill Peace’s new book, and I love the subtitle. Just looking at the back cover, I see too that he offers advice I could easily live with, such as “Never eat what you don’t want to eat.” I’m not retired, but that’s my new vacation meal philosophy, and it worked out fine in September. I also like “Strive for excellence vs. perfection,” and I like that because, as my old friend Marcy once said in an office staff meeting, “Perfection is a moving target.”

Yes, I think this will be an inspiring book and a great gift to give at retirement parties. Not a tome that will take your entire retirement life to read – more something you’ll pick up and read in here and there, and then find yourself re-reading here and there as time goes by.

Retirement: The Surreal Life Adventure
by William D. Peace, Jr.
Traverse City: Mission Point Press, 2016
Paperback, 178pp, $14.95


  1. Sounds great! All good advice.

  2. I do love eating a big lunch and a smaller dinner, and going out for lunch when we want to. Ben isn't retired but is often working from home and that allows us flexibility.


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