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Saturday, June 27, 2020

Re-Opening July 1

Author Robert Giles came in Saturday morning to sign copies of his book, When Truth Mattered: The Kent State Shootings 50 Years Later (see my review here). A couple copies are being held for customers as special orders, but I have more available, so contact me if you're interested.

Emita Hill came in earlier in the week to sign her Northern Harvest: Twenty Michigan Women in Food and Farming, and copies of that book (my review here) have been so much in demand that I'll be ordering another carton for July, but I have a few still available now.

So now, the plan as July looms is THIS: 

The bookstore will re-open officially on Wednesday, July 1 (at present I am only taking deliveries and allowing customers to come in to pick up special orders), with these COVID-19 precautions: 

(1) You must wear a mask. I will not be providing masks, as you should all have your own already to be out in public at all. 

(2) Number of people in the store at once will be limited to six. If you are part of a large group, plan accordingly.

(3) Hand sanitizer will be available, and its use will be encouraged as you enter and again as you leave.

For now, this Saturday, June 27, book-hungry people without special orders to pick up may browse the sidewalk cart, where a wide variety of books are available (as are bags). The price there is $9.43 for three books, which works out to $10 with the sales tax. I will continue the cart throughout the summer for sidewalk perusal and for the special comfort of those not yet ready to go into stores.

I thank you for your loyalty and for your patience and hope we can all manage to have a safe, healthy, fun- and book-filled summer!

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